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    Hey there,
    I am realaki, a solely pvm player, and I have nothing against pvp players, i just don't enjoy it. There are numerous pvp events and I can never participate in them, even though i grinded my ass off to make a cool character. This is where my idea comes in. It is something like a beauty contest, there are contestants, and a judge team. You probably get where this is going, you show off your character in a short video/screenshots and the judge gives you points. The top point receivers are rewarded.
    I want to empathize some things:
    - The contest shouldn't be about who has the priciest character, cause then obviously only top 10% players would have a chance at winning. I don't think that would be fun. The judges should be able to have any reasoning to give the points they give, whether they like the look of the char, the style of the char, anything.
    - Closely following the first point: Judges don't have to provide reasoning for their points. They can give any point they want, it doesn't matter. This way nobody can feel entitled to high points, and there will be less opportunity for drama.
    I think the best time for a contest like this to be once every season, and when at the end of the season the ranking happens, we can all think of this contest as a summarization of the ladder. The "best" character builds racing against each other to win the ultimate glory.
    Another idea is that the rewards could be granted on the next ladder, not amid the starting race for runes and items, but for example 1-2 months later. It wouldn't make much sense to give someone items right before ladder resets, as most players play ladder.
    Thanks for reading all this, I'm hoping we can all make this server an even better place
    regards, realaki

    P.S.: I'm on my knees for crap jewel bags, I would do anything for them.
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