Best bases for all classes runewords

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    Hey guys,

    can you please share you experience.

    Which are the best bases for all classes' runewords?

    If you have a screenshot of them, it would be even better :)
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    ☑️ Insight, Infinity - Giant Tresher, Tresher
    ☑️ 4 Sockets Armors ( Forty, Coh..) if you hate to repair often use Archon plate, if u like to walk little bit faster use Dusk, Scarab like leather armors.
    ☑️ Heart of the oaks 4 sokets - Flail base all the time
    ☑️ 3 Socket Armor for Enigma best option is Mp my personal opinion
    ☑️ Spirit for paladin best and only option is Sacred TARGE [email protected], rare but best.
    For other classes Monarch with 10+ ed.
    ☑️ Best option for runeword Grief is Phase blade no matters of ed on base. The best thing is that you hit last frame rate IAS with this base.

    If you need some special runeword advice just PM me ill give you best options for it.
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    Hi ,ill share my opinion about bases for runewords on HC:
    • Insight ,Infinity - Eth Cryptic Axe[CA], Eth Tresher
    • CoH - Archon Plate, Great Hauberk, Scarab Husk, Wire Fleece , coz here is most of def , dura, ,you can get str bug also and favorite skin
    • HoTo - flail ofc
    • Enigma - Like a coh just 3sox ..Archon Plate, Great Hauberk, Wire Fleece, Scarab Husk and Dusk Shroud eventual
    • Pal Shields = Exile - best is Eth Vortex/Zakarum but you can do also in Eth Sacred Rondache/Targe, Spirit - Sacred Targe [im not using spirits on another classes just Stormshield and dex for max block coz is PVM]
    • Another Shields = Phoenix - Monarch , Sanktuary - Troll Nest/Hyperion(best eth bugged)
    • EBotd - Eth Berserker Axe if axes , Eth Archon Staff 6s if 2-handed, Phase Blade if Swords
    • Eth Fortitude for Sorc - Eth Archon Plate/Ornate Plate/Great Hauberk ..here you can get highest dura in eth arm 30-31 dura , with barb boo slow going durability.
    This base information is good to use PVM so dont be suprised about didint find here armors like a Mage Plate or Dusk , there lowest def, cant bug strenght in build and most of players on HardCore using highest if possible to get but its just a suggestion from here
    Regards and Goodluck
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