Guide BUILD - PvP cold sorceress (Full precast ES)

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    PvP cold sorceress (Full precast ES)

    Hi guys, playing our game I know that dueling section of the game is like famous game – rock- scizor- paper. This mean that is not possible to overpower all the others characters, but because of the big space in stash on our server dueling reality is changed. After last restart I decide to play a pvp sorceress, so I start to examine how to build the best suitable character to overpowering the others with the help from the biggest stash. I post here how I build my char, because many ppl in dueling games asked me how you doing this, why you don’t die, this is not possible and etc…

    So the idea of the build is to use full precast of skill Energy Shield ,and to keep cold damage on high level and to be a cold sorceress. Cold sorceress for me have advantage over other characters compared to ligh and fire sorceress, because of his vertical attacking spell (Blizzard) and horizontal (Ice Blast). And also cold damage skills are more harder to neglect from the others.

    Section I: Stats

    Strength: 156 or for equipment
    Dexterity: None.
    Vitality: None.
    Energy:All remaining

    Section II: Skills
    Cold Skills:
    Ice Bolt
    – 20 points
    Ice Blast – 20 points
    Frost Nova – 1 point
    Glacial Spike – remaining points for extra damage
    Blizzard – 20 points
    Cold Mastery – 10-20 points. Still examining maxing mastery is a real advantage for me. My char have 12 now and I think is enough effective. If you aim to collect 18 cold skill Grand charms in stash I think no need to be maxed.

    Lightning Skills:
    – 20 points. This will put you at a 1:0.75 ratio. At a 1:0.75 ratio, a mana pool of 3,000 becomes an effective 4,000 or so. Also sorceress can use it in duel like a Assassin’s skill Mindblast.
    Teleport – 1 point , or none ( if using enigma)
    Energy shield – none . Yes do not put here nothing. Casting ES in game will be with the help of staff, 3 Es ormus and 16 pcs of lighting grand charms.Finaly you need ES to be 40 lvl or 95% .This mean that 95% of the damage that you receive will take your mana. Remaining 5% will take your life. Yes precasting need time so till now I do this for less of 2 min before dueling. Good think is that you don’t need to precast again until you die.
    Fire Skills:
    – 1 point , I think no need to explain here.

    Section III: Equipment

    Here I will explain what equipment and against who to use it during dueling. Depends on equipment you want to use, you must always hit 105% Faster Cast Rate in caster mode and 63% in 75% blocking mode and 86% Faster Hit Recovery
    Nightwing’s Veil Spired
    5/5 cold facet here. Keeping this helm all time on
    Ormus’ Robes Dusk Shroud -
    3 blizzard. I use this armor in some duels where no need resisstance together with 10 fcr amulet. I put on dol rune - for replinish life , or you can use also 5/5 cold facet
    Skin of the Vipermagi– I use 2 for now one with Mal rune against magic attackers , and second with Um for more ressistance
    Twitchthroe Studded leader – I like this armor when I play vs chargers, ww barbarian or bow amazon. This helps me to have 75% bloking with the help of 2 sor 14 dex amulet, 2x raven rings and shield Winston guard
    Enigma – still not aim to get 2 20 amulet to test with the enigma but I think will be the best option for this build together wit gosu 2 20 amul and krafted boots mana/fhr .Enigma will give you more mana ,dr, 45 frw – very important vs some classes and 2 skills
    Death’s Fathom Dimensional Shard
    . 5/5 cold facet
    Doom Berserker Axe–only I think need this for dueling amazons
    Frostburn Gauntlets
    – if no need extra FCR these are best option
    Trang-Oul’s Claws Heavy Bracers – if u need 20 fcr in 75% block mode
    Sandstorm Trek Scarabshell Boots
    , 20 fhr, stats. My char is using these for now
    Rare Boots with Faster Run/Walk, Faster Hit Recovery, and Resistances-
    Crafted Boots with Faster Run/Walk, Faster Hit Recovery, and ManaIf u can find goodly 2 20 amulet and using Enigma u will need extra resistance fm such boots.
    Spirit Monarch –
    no need to explain here
    Winstan guard set shield – for 75% blocking mode soketed with shael rune for covering 48% FBR
    Arachnid’s Mesh Spiderweb Sash
    Mara’s Kaleidoscope
    - when using Viper magi armor
    Crafted Amulet with +2 to Sorceress Skills and 10% Faster Cast Rate+strength +dex+ mana.I use this together with Ormus robe’s 3 blizzard
    Crafted Amulet with +2 to Sorceress Skills and 20% Faster Cast Rate
    – if u find such expensive amulet you can use it together with Enigma and FCR goodly ring
    Stone of Jordan –
    1 or 2 depends on other choices
    Natures Peace – I like to use these for most of dueing to cast oak sage –extra life and takes damages.
    Rare Ring with 10% Faster Cast Rate – with Enigma, 2 20 amul to keep 105% FCR in caster mode
    Ravens frost - 2 x when using 75% blocking mode
    Switch: Call to arms + Spirit shield no need explain here

    For pre-cast before dueling:
    Memory runeword Staff
    – 9 to Energy shield. This is a key item for this build. Since you are not putting any solid points into Energy Shield you need it
    Ormus robe’s - with 3 Energy shield. Together with Memory, 2 soj rings, and 16 lighting skill charms you need 40 lvl Energy shield for 95% absorb
    Ormus robe’s - with 3 to Chilling armor to cast it in some of duels.


    Annihilus Small Charm
    Hellfire Torch Large Charm
    Chilling Grand Charm of Vita
    - 16 pcs. Grand of these will boost your damage and life
    Chilling Grand Charm of Balance – 2pcs . I use two of these when I am in 75% block mode and using Winston guard shield I lost my FHR from the Spirit

    1 small charms 5 faster hit rec /mana ,

    2 small charms- life/mana – I am keeping these because of 75% blocking mode when I need extra 5% fhr to keep 86% FHR all time.

    Sparking Grand charm –1 to lighting skill . Energy shield is from lighting tree. You need 15-16 depends on equipment and have to change with cold grands before start dueling just to cast Energy shield on 40 lvl. Then replace the light GC with cold one. It is taking time, but with time of experience with this char when you become a serious dueler you will not die so often.

    That’s it! i hope you will enjoy it ! Dueling strategy is missing but in forum you can find special strategy guide for dueling so no need to explain here !
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    Nice guide. I was thinking about doing something similar, but decided its not fun enough. Still may do it in the future :tup:
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