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    So, imagine this. You have one of the main prime evils. The Lord of hatred. Standing 20 feet tall, the arrogance oozes of him. As you approach him, this demon rumbles in his conviction: ''My brothers have escaped you'' implying he'll kill you. You've met your doom by approaching him. This is it.

    And the only thing he gets is mere: ''Ok, boomer'' :ROFLMAO: Enough to troll and annoy even this one.

    There were three children. 2 of them wizards. Sorceresses. And a brother.

    The sorceresses were training for their whole lives to control elements. A great history of defeats. Revered far and wide for their agility under pressure. One yielded the powers of frozen water. Shards of ice fell down destroying enemies left and right. A sight of dead monsters to behold as their dead corrupted bodies layed in aftermath of the blizzard. The other one was master of lightning. Transmuting power of negative and positive charges into focused power of living electricity, she focused the lightning into a beam that layed waste in the fields of Bloody Foothills. Both armed with Stones of Jordan in arms and amulets crafted to perfection, these sisters were highly revered as the saviors of The 5 cities.

    And then there comes the brother. Paladin. Using Nagelring as a cock ring and using platter to bash fallen in wanting to smite them in his fanatic rage...
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